This Section Will Be Summarizing All Changes To LifeSkills During Each Patch, If Changes Were Made.

Jan 24, 2018:

  • Items listed on the marketplace will now show up for sale exactly 15 minutes after posting.
  • The chance of an item on the marketplace going to preorder has risen by 12.5% (not clear if this is +12.5% or x1.125 of the original number).
  • You can now buy the item lot you succeeded in Bidding in the Marketplace even if a cheaper lot of the same item became available.

December 20, 2017:

  • Following actions will be faster as the character’s Farming level grows:
    • Harvest, Upgrade, Killing Insects, Pruning
  • A crafting method of Artisan’s Precious Alchemy Box from Imperial Craft Delivery has been adjusted.
    • Artisan’s Precious Alchemy Box
    • Craft with Elixir of Thorns x15 + Elixir of Will x15 → Elixir of Spells x15 + Elixir of Will x15.

December 13, 2017:

  • The number of Whale Tendon Elixir obtainable from Processing has been increased.
  • The following monsters in Valencia and Kamasylvia will now drop Trace items.
    • Bashim Base: Trace of the Earth
    • Basilisk Den: Trace of Memory
    • Cadry Ruins: Trace of Death
    • Centaurus Herd: Trace of Hunting
    • Titium Valley and Desert Naga Temple: Trace of Savagery
    • Crescent Shrine: Trace of Death
    • Gahaz Bandits and Pila Ku Jail: Trace of Violence
    • Roud Sulfur Works: Trace of Chaos
    • Navarn Steppe: Trace of Forest and Trace of Ascension
    • Manshaum Forest: Trace of Hunting
    • Polly’s Forest: Trace of Forest
    • Fadus Habitat: Trace of Battle
    • Forest Ronaros: Trace of Origin

December 6, 2017:

  • Upon completing Imperial Delivery with the Nouveranto Net, you will receive Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery] as completion bonus.
  • It has been fixed so that you cannot use Archaeologist’s Map when your mount is carrying trade items. -

November 29, 2017:

  • The Imperial Delivery and Horse Market prices of tier 1-8 horses have been increased up to 50% depending on the tier, level and skills.
  • Mysterious Seeds can now be stacked.
  • Gathering the following resources with a hoe or bare hands will yield various kinds of items: bush, thicket, shrub and wild herb.
  • Terrmian Fishing Rod has been added. It increases the chance of catching rare or large fish. Cannot be repaired.

November 22, 2017:

  • Mysterious Seeds can now be obtained by pruning, plant breeding, killing insects or harvesting.
  • Mysterious Seeds can be combined with Special Seeds/Hyphias to create a new seed. Theese new seeds use 5 garden slots and yield 7 times more crops than usual Special Seeds.

November 15, 2017:

  • Command to Gather (Guild summon) can no longer be used if there are trade items in mount’s inventory.
  • The option of choosing Hedgedog as a reward has been added to Gift Package.
  • Now you will need twice the training material if an Awakening skill of a Dream Horse reaches 100%.
  • Only Artisan level workers can be recruited from Old Wisdom Tree Work Supervisor Mathieu.
  • The stock quantity of trade items with no Trading Lv. requirement has been doubled.
  • The weight of certain trade items has been adjusted according to its price and stock quantity increase.
  • Stock quantity and prices of some trade items from Valencia has been increased.
  • Max. selling prices for Luxury, Military Supply and medicine trade items have been adjusted to 140%.
  • Min. buying prices for Food trade items have been adjusted to 60% and Max. selling prices to 160%.
  • Min. buying prices of Raw Material trade items have been adjusted to 60%, and Max. selling prices to 140%.
  • Min. buying prices of Clothes trade items have been adjusted to 50%.
  • New workers have been added to Kamasylvia region.
  • A new tier 9 has been added to the game, Diné, the unicorn.
  • The three areas of training a lv.30 tier 8 Courser can be trained up to 180% to increase the chances of getting Alduanatt or Diné (max. 90%)
  • Mushrooms can be gathered from the new monsters in Polly’s Forest.

September 27, 2017:

  • Kamasylvia part one has been released.
  • The first Dream Horse (tier 9), Alduanatt, has been added to the game.
  • More details of the “Courser” system have been unveiled.
    • A foal born of two Coursers will have 2 skills at birth.
    • A foal born of a Courser and a normal horse will have 1 or 2 skills at birth.
    • Lv.30 tier 8 Coursers can be trained at Stonetail Hose Ranch stable. Once the training is at 200% you can try awakening your Courser.
    • Awakened tier 8 Coursers will become a Dream Horse.
  • The materials to used to train a lv.30 tier 8 Courser have been added.
    • Stonetail Fodder is now obtainable through Simple Cooking.
    • Krogdalo’s Origin Stone is now obtainable through Simple Alchemy.
    • Pure Forest Breadth is now obtainable through Simple Alchemy.
  • Horse Gear Workshop has been added to the house Stonetail Horse Ranch 3. Granverre horse gear and Muzika elephant gear can be crafted at this adress.
  • Spirit Stones have been added. Spirit stones are consumable alchemy stones.
  • New elixirs have been added.
    • Griffon’s Elixir.
    • Strong Griffon’s Elixir.
  • New trade items have been added to trade manager in Kamasylvia.
  • More restrictions have been added to the Upgraded Compass. The compass won’t work if: you use it in servers with ongoing Nodewars or Conquests, your character or mount are carrying tradepacks.

September 13, 2017:

  • The buff effects of some foods have been changed as follows:
    • Hunter’s Salad: +1000 Hunting Damage (5 min)
    • Fresh Hunter’s Salad: +1000 Hunting Damage (10 min)
    • Khalk’s Fermented Wine: +700 Hunting Damage (60 min)
    • Khalk’s Strong Fermented Wine: +700 Hunting Damage (90 min)

August 30, 2017:

  • The sice of the Marketplace registration batch for the following items has been increased.
    • Ingots, crystals (mineral), gemstones, plywoods, reform stones, supreme hide/fur/feather, bloods, oils, some foods, mount recovery items and traveler’s map.

August 16, 2017:

  • Complete Now buttons have been added for house crafting and worker promotion.

June 7, 2017:

  • Training EXP has been chaged to Mount EXP in the description of the following items: Trainer’s Clothes, Silver Embroidered Trainer’s Clothes, Horse Trainer’s Clothes and Value Pack.
  • Farmer clothes are now sold by Luxury Vendors.

May 31, 2017:

  • New items have been added. After hunting the following monsters, use Butcher Knife to gather items from its remains. There is a chance of getting more loot.
    • Giant Elk: Stuffed Elk Head
    • Giant Boar: Stuffed Giant Boar Head
    • Giant Wolf: Stuffed Wolf Head.
  • The damage dealt by blue whales has been increased.
  • Lifeskill advancement quests have been addded to the Suggested Quests menu.

May 24, 2017:

  • Chance to breed a higher tier horse has been greatly increased.

May 17, 2017:

  • Dim Magical Crystal: Sailing can now be processed through Grinding.
  • The chance of obtaining Sharp Black Crystal Shard and Hard Black Crystal Shard through farming has been increased slightly.
  • Investment bank has been added to Usage List for house in each city.
    • You can operate your investment bank for stable but low profit or risky but high profit depending on your Karma.
    • You can also order workers to operate your investment bank, and your profit may differ depending on your selected investment product.
    • Stable Investment Bank: No.4 Velia, No.3-1 Heidel, No-1-2 Calpheon Merchant Street.
    • No loss occurs from the Stable Investment Banks but the amount of expected profit is low.
    • Risky Investment Bank: No.7-1 Altinova, 2nd Floor No.17-4 Valencia.
    • If you are unlucky, loss may occur but you also may gain a great amount of profit from the Risky Investment Banks.
  • In the wild horse taming minigame, the SPACE key indicator will only be displayed when the horse raises the hooves.
  • Shabby Shovels can now also be used in Cantusa Desert.
  • New hunting monster, Giant Brown Bear, has been added to Mountain of Western, Eastern Balenos.
  • Hunting monsters, Big-Horned Deer and Boars, are additionally placed in Western Balenos Mountain.
  • HP for blue whale has been increased.
  • Drop rate of Black Stone (Armor) has been increased when hunting blue whale.
  • New hunting monster, Giant Fox and Giant Wolf, are now added to Balenos Mountain, which is located east of Port Epheria.
    • Giant Wolf summons other wolves once its HP drops below a certain level.
  • New daily hunting quest has been added.
    • [Daily] Easy Game
    • [Daily] The Reckless One. You can accept this quest having conversation with Velia chef David Finto at lv.30 and up.
    • [Daily] Hunter’s Honor. You can accept this quest having conversation with Velia chef David Finto at lv.50 and up.

April 26, 2017:

  • Hunting mechanics have changed:
    • Players can now run, roll, or move in a sitting posture with a Matchlock or a Hunting Musket equipped.
    • Movement Speed has been improved when a Matchlock or a Hunting Musket is equipped and the number of bullets for reloading has been changed to two.
    • Effects for Matchlock and Hunting Musket equipped have been improved (not sure what this means, will need to verify).
    • Players can no longer sit on the passenger seat of a horse with 2-seater skill when a Musket is equipped.
  • Navigation/Sailing Outfits and Costumes have been added, the luxury vendor sells one and the silver embroidered version can be crafted at the costume mill. The patch notes claim it is not in game but it is. The luxury vendor version can be changed into a costume with the p2w costume coupon.
  • Horse taming fix: When catching a Horse or a Baby Elephant, it was adjusted so that the Capturing Rope can only be thrown from at least 10M away from the target.
  • Magnate buff will remove the need to bargain by auto completing bargain (this was already in game).
  • Magnate buff will now only be applied upon purchasing “Limited Trade Items”.
  • Limited Trade Items are basically just the Port Ratt Goods and some of the good Valencia City items:
    • Desert Star
    • Valencia Transparency Potion
    • Ibellab Gunpowder
    • Valencia Rock Salt
    • Ratt Lacquer Ware
    • Oriental Saber
    • Dim Lotus Lamp
    • Red Kite
    • Haso Celadon Porcelain
    • Oriental Spice
    • Golden Dragon Ink Slab
    • Haso Silk
    • Millennial Wild Ginseng
    • Pure Gold Censer
  • Port Ratt sailing daily now has a quest item added to it, meaning the person who recieves the quest must bring the item to the finishing npc. Basically no more getting the quest on an alt and finishing on your main.
  • The velia fishing hotspot was moved further west, luckily it is still in the safe zone for people who choose this method to afk.

April 6, 2017:

  • 100% crate sale pricing has replaced sale pricing of 80%-130%.
  • Favorites section has been added to the marketplace.
  • There is now a 10 minute delay when selling workers on the worker exchange.
  • There is now a registration notice when selling artisan workers on the worker exchange.
  • There is now a 10 minute delay when selling horses on the horse market.
  • There is now a registration notice when selling tier 8+ horses on the horse market.
  • Housing items can now be placed on wall shelves, expanding your ability to p2w rank 1 houses.
  • Valencia crops can now be used to polish lifestones.
  • Dark Knight cooking clothes are now on the pearl shop.
  • A worker skill has changed:
    • Natural Healer A → Wings A (Movement Speed +11%)
    • Natural Healer B → Wings B (Movement Speed +8%)
    • Natural Healer C → Wings C (Movement Speed +6%)
  • Name Worker Skills have changed, unfortunatly these two workers are not in the best location to make crates:
    • Jugruta: Troll Descendant B → Repeat Timber Crate (Timber Crate + Repeat twice)
    • Novara: Troll Descendant C → Repeat Farm Products Crate (Farm Products Crate + Repeat twice)
  • Oasis desert buff has changed in two ways:
  • Merchant purchased trade crates out of the desert has had its multiplier changed from 1.5 to 1.75.
  • Crafted crates into the desert can now use this desert buff to get a 1.25 multiplier. (Into the desert only, this does not stack with the sharing 1.5 multiplier and as such has no use.)