My Philosphy Behind Black Desert Lifeskills

I believe everything you do in this game creates value. The decisions you make leads to certain items being produced. With this in mind I will never say an item has no value because effort was taken to make that item, effort that could have been used elsewhere.

The Black Desert Analytic Life Skill Standard

In order to keep consistent, this website uses some standard values for it’s calculations. They are assuming you have:

  • At least artisan 1 of each lifeskill you are using, in order to get the maximum proc rate and at least 11 levels higher than the level required to proc rare items in cooking/alchemy.
  • Trade prices are using the master 2 bargain bonus and the master 2 trading buff.

Sale Value and Marketplace Value

These are two terms I will continue to use. This is what I believe their meanings to be:

  • Sale Cost: This is an item you have collected, so it is already in your possession. If you choose to sell it, then you will be subject to marketplace fees. If you choose to use it, then you have lost the opportunity to sell it.
  • Marketplace Cost: This is an item you need, so you purchase it from the marketplace. Therefore its cost is what you paid for it.

Updates :

  • Added a new article about pre-orders, this time written by Hebilicious, in the misc section.
  • Added a downloadable copy of my trade crate chart to the trading section.
  • Updated the node section with information on region modifiers and the editable node chart.
  • Added a new gathering section.
  • Added a new afk fishing section.
  • Added new guides.
  • Corrected an error in Catsensual's trading guide.
  • Converted the site's values to the Black Desert Analytic Standard, which can be seen on the front page.
  • Added Balzor's guide to making money with lifeskills.
  • Added Hebilicious' guide to raising cp for new players.
  • Added the worker luck test results for crafting lucky tools.
  • Region Modifiers added to the worker node section.
  • Updated the worker skill list
  • Updated market prices.
  • Updated the raising cp section to be more relevant to today's market.