Balzor's Why Rush Master 2 Trade?


How Do I Get Master 2 Trade The Fastest?

This is a question that is spammed far and wide in the bdo community and it really makes me think… why is this so important to you? If you are wanting it for active fishing, then yes spam away. But if its for trading then this section is for you.

Well Then Balzor! Is Trading Bad?

No, of course not.. but ask yourself, where does most of the value from a trade come from? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not from trading. So, yes of course you should get master 2 trading but this is a long term goal. You will not see short term gains from this. Simple as that.

Example: The Steel Crate Breakdown.

This is going to go over where your profits come from with a steel crate. What does a B.D.A steel crate sell for? The answer is 82227 silver, but where does that silver come from? The first thing we need to know is what goes into a steel crate:

  • 10 Steel Ingots
  • 1 Black Stone Powder

So where do these items come from? Well, let’s break them down into their processed materials:

  • 10 Steel Ingots = 20 melted iron shards + 20 coal.
  • 20 melted iron shards = 40 iron ore.
  • So 10 Steel Ingots = 40 iron ore and 20 coal.

Now lets work out each step and see how much money it produces:

  • Step 1 Worker Materials:

    • 40 iron ore * 657 silver per iron ore = 26280 silver
    • 20 coal * 1100 silver per coal = 22000 silver
    • total = 48280 silver
    • after marketplace tax = 40797 silver
  • Step 2 Processing:

    • 40 iron ore + 20 coal = 10 Steel Ingots
    • 10 Steel Ingots = 72800 silver
    • after marketplace tax = 61516 silver
    • Value increase -> 61516 silver - 40797 silver = 20719 silver
  • Step 3 Trading:

    • Crate profit = 82227 silver - 61517 silver (Ingots) - 2719 silver (Black Stone Powder) = 17991 silver.

So now we have 3 points at which value was created:

  • Workers: 40797 silver (51.3%)
  • Processing: 20719 silver (26.1%)
  • Trading: 17991 silver (22.6%)

Which one made the most money? Certainly wasn’t trading. So when a player asks me “how do I get master 2 trading fast?”. It makes me think a few things, first it’s that this player is new to lifeskills. Anyone who had lifeskill experience would already know the answer. Players who are new to lifeskills generally have low cp and low energy. With low cp and low energy comes poor workers. So why is this player so worried about master 2 trading when more than 50% of the crates value comes from something completely different? I’ll tell you why… twitch/youtube/reddit/forums told them it was great.

Balzor This Is Irrelevant. I’m Going To Buy My Materials And Become Instantly Rich.

No you arn’t.

If you didn’t know how to get master 2 trading, then you don’t have the infrastructure (workers/cp) to produce mass crates and make a decent profit.

What Should I Take Away From This?

Master 2 trade isn’t going to make you rich. A properly set up node network with good workers creating well managed materials over long periods of time will make you rich. So why rush it? Relax, it’ll come, and so will your node network/workers. Play the game and stop worrying about getting master 2 trade tommorow.