I make 9 Mil An Hour Processing!…..No You Don’t.

Processing is one of the most common afk lifeskills in bdo, with people swearing they are making a fortune off of it. But let’s dive into the numbers behind what they are making.

What Do I Need To Consider Before Processing?

The most important thing to consider when processing is “items in VS items out”

Most people only consider the end result of what they process, which makes processing look sexy, but if you subtract their initial investment you can see the real gains behind this lifeskill.

  • Following this thought process is important when processing: We will start off with tier 1 materials for now (ores/timbers ect.). For this example I will use the most common one, iron ore.

Iron ore currently has a sale price of 460 silver. Selling it on the marketplace will return “460silver*.845 = 388.7 silver”. So iron ore has a value of 388.7 silver.

So what happens when you process this material? You recieve melted iron shards and iron ingots at a rate of “5 iron ore = 2.5 melted iron shards + 0.05 iron ingots.

The value of these products comes out to be:

  • (2.5 melted iron shards)*(1744 silver/melted iron shard) = 4360 silver
  • (0.05 iron ingots)*(11000 silver/iron ingot) = 550 silver
  • 4360 silver + 550 silver = 4910 silver
  • 4910 silver *0.845 = 4148.95 silver

The major issue here is that a lot of people will then say “look I’ve made 4148.95 silver from that combine”, which at this point you can tell is flawed.

The real profit is of course items out minus items in:

  • Items out: 4148.95 silver
  • Items in: 5*477*0.845 silver = 2015 silver
  • Profit = 4148.95 silver - 2015 silver = 2133.95 silver

As you can see, your actual profit is nearly half of what the value of your combine spit out.

So What Does This Make Per Hour?

There are a couple things to consider now to see how much money is to be made:

  • Processing time
  • Maximum lt

The processing time for t1 ores is 9 seconds, the other thing to consider about this is your fail rate. This is something I have not kept records on so for this example we will assume 100% success rate, which is reality will not happen. Ideally if you want to process, you are going to want to get as high of “processing sucess rate level” as possible.

  • So each t1 ore combine will be 9 seconds. In one hour there are 3600 seconds. So each hour you are able to do “(3600 seconds)*(1 combine/9 seconds) = 400 combines
  • Each combine has produced 2133.95 silver
  • ”(400 combines)*(2133.95 silver/combine) = 853580 silver = 853.6k silver

So each hour afk processing iron ore produces 853.6k silver.

The next thing to consider is how long can you afk for, this of course needs to consider if you have the Karki processing suit and your maximum lt.

For this example we will assume you have paid the money to maximize your afk duration in bdo. We will assume your maximum lt is 1650 and you have a Karki costume.

For t1 ores your maximum afk time will work as follows:

  • Items out per combine (how many items are produced per combine) * item lt = Lt gain per combine
  • 2.505 * 0.3lt = 0.7515lt
  • Maximum lt/Lt gain per combine = Total combines possible
  • (1650lt)*(1combine/0.7515lt) = 2196 combines
  • Total combines/combines per hour = Maximum afk time
  • (2196 combines)*(1 hour/400 combines) = 5.5 hours
  • Maximum hours * silver per hour = Total silver made
  • (5.5 hours)*(853.6k silver/hour) = 4.7 million silver

So for most people when you go to sleep/work, you are looking to make less than 4.7 million silver processing iron ore (remember this was an ideal situation with no processing fails).

Lets Take A Look At T1/T2’s Profits:

This is the master chart wit all the individual items:


  • You may look at these numbers and think that they are inaccurate because you want to turn them into crates to trade. In that case you need to move onto the crate trading section as this is only to show the profits from processing.
  • Alternatively, you can replace the combine value with what you feel the value of your item is, and then rework the formulas.
  • These prices are assuming your workers collected the materials so they subject to marketplace fees, if you bought the materials to process, your profits will be lower.
  • If you want to work out a specific item, use the constants below and follow the thought process under Math:

Processing Time:

  • T1 wood 6s
  • T2 wood 6s
  • T1 ore (except zinc) 9s
  • T2 ore (plus t1 zinc) 6s

Item weights:

  • Ore/shards/ingots 0.3lt
  • timber/planks/plywood 0.5lt

What Should I Take Away From These Charts?

  • More often then not you will be combining processing with trading. It’s hard to want to seperate those two but it is important to do so. If you want to see how much you are making combining trading with processing then take your final value once sold at the trader, minus your extra materials cost, and add in the change in price from making your item a sale item (0.845) to a marketplace item (1).
  • Never forget to consider the value of the items you are putting into processing.