Imperial Alchemy

Imperial Alchemy

Imperial Alchemy: I Want To Make The 1.1 Mil Sale Price Crate!

Imperial crafting delivery is a great source of daily income, but if you do it inefficiently, you’ll likely pull poor profits and spend too much of your active time involved in it.

What Do I Need To Consider Before Doing Imperial Alchemy?

  • Consider your daily sale limit as a resource
  • Some products have a significantly higher profit than others
  • Most items are just not sustainable (they take items that you just cannot get enough of to seriously consider adding it to your daily rotation)

Lets Take A Look At Each Item’s Profit:


  • Cells in red denote unsustainable materials.
  • Max Daily (millions) For this one I took my personal cp/2 to determine my daily limit, multiplied that number by the Per Box Profit and divided by 1 million. Personally I would never sell my entire daily limit of just one crate type, but the point of this is to give you a ratio.
  • You may feel like some of your items have 0 value because you can’t sell them. If that is the case, just remove their cost from the formula and recalculate the new price. What Should I Take Away From These Charts?
  • Profits are not always what they seem. Some crates may look tempting, but the materials that go into them can completly destroy your profits.
  • Many of these recipies require completely unsustainable materials, meaning there is little chance you’ll be able to produce enough of these products a day to meet your daily limit. These are items that require ingredients such as:
    • Saps
    • Bloods
    • Oils
    • Truffle Mushroom
    • Trace of Savagery
  • Imperial Alchemy Is Significantly More Difficult Than Imperial Cooking, And You Don’t Gain Any More Money From Doing It.
  • The money you make from Imperial Alchemy is no better than Imperial Cooking, but the materials/recipies/crafting stations/crafting times are all more difficult to deal with than it’s cooking counterparts. It is highly suggested to just do imperial cooking, but if you are set on imperial alchemy, be prepared to deal with this fact.
  • You can easily add unsustainable crates into your daily rotation. It all depends on how many of them you can collect a day through the marketplace, active gathering and your workers. You should always have a fallback, lower value sustainable crate to turn in when you run out of your better crates.
  • The best practise would be to turn in numerous types of crates, starting with all your high value crates and ending with your low value crates. Not only will this maximize the amount of money you can make per day, but it will also reduce the amount of channel swaps/traders you will need to go to in order to reach your daily limit.