Afk Fishing

So You Want To Want To Afk Fish! Might I Suggest Processing?

Afk fishing can beat afk processing in silver per hour, but to achieve this, you need to set up a plan that is out of reach of most players.

River Fishing vs Ocean Fishing

River fishing is a low silver per hour afk activity but it has a major benefit that afk processing/ocean fishing does not have. You can do it without buying anything in the pearl shop. The reason for this is because river fishing has a lot of “junk” drops. When you afk fish you can tick this on and then any time you fish one of these things. It auto destroys the item. This is important because as a player without inventory slots you will not have much space to hold items over long afk periods. You are basically just fishing for relics. Relics have the same drop rate no matter where you are so if your inventory is not filling up (since you are destroying whites) and only filling up when you get green fish/relics. You are able to afk fish for longer periods of time.

Ocean fishing drops much less “junk”. Instead it drops many yellow and blue fish, which has a lot of value. The downside is that this fills up your inventory much faster. This isn’t a problem for the most part if you have full inventorys lots. You can afk fish at an ocean for 8+ hours without filling up your inventory. You’ll end up with the same amount of relics as river fishing but also a ton of fish to sell!

So Why Is Ocean Fishing Hard?

Before we start, its important to know in order to efficiently afk fish in the ocean, you’ll need a full inventory (costs pearls). If you want to afk process efficiently you’ll need a processing costume and as much lt as possible (costs pearls).

If you don’t want to maximize your money, then afk ocean fishing is easy. You could afk fish at velia hotspot and sell your fish in velia if you wanted. It would make money but it wouldn’t beat afk processing.

There is a middle ground in afk fishing. It’s imperial fishing delivery. This gives a decent price for your fish but is of course contested like all the other imperial npcs. So you need to find a way to sell your fish in a timely manner, or else afk fishing is just not worth your time.

The way to maximize your money is to treat afk fishing like active fishing:

  • Fish at a far distance from Valencia city.

  • When your inventory is full (8+ hours) bring your fish to Valencia city.

  • Grab the master 2 trading buff from the sharing node and sell the fish to the trader.

See a problem? I sure do. Not a lot of players have the time to go to Valencia City on a daily basis. On top of that, if you have to physically run there every day and then run back to your home town, a large amount of your active daily time is used up.

So how do we make this worth our time? Let’s look at some choices:

  • Command to Gather: if your guild can summon you, or you can time your active time to start just before your guild’s command to gather, then you can get a free port to Valencia City which will cut your travel time in half.

  • Active trading: if you have an epheria boat, you can load up on goods and trade in Valencia City. Unfortunatly this is heavily contested and you are likely to be waiting hours to sell your goods if you don’t plan well.

Are these choices not possible for you? They are not to most players. Sure you’ll make more money then afk processing if you do everything right but it’s just such a hassle for the majority of players, I really can’t understand why so many people are afk fishing.

Well.. How Much Does It Make?

Here is a chart of how much I have worked out for my afk fishing sessions. This is still a work in progress so it will be updated in the future.

Note: This is using +5 fishing, a +10 Balenos Rod and a t3 Penguin.

Take a peek at the different area’s profits. The chart needs work and will be cleaned up in the future.

What Should I Take Away From This?

If you are a new player and are willing to spend some money to improve your account, just afk process. It is just such a less of a headache and you can still make good money doing it. If you refuse to afk process and insist on afk fishing, then try and do it efficiently, or not… your account!

Check out the afk processing section if you want to see it’s profits.