Worker Nodes

Hey There! What Nodes Are Good Nodes?

This question has been asked over and over again, people often try and give their opinions but unfortunatly they are rarely, if ever, based on the data behind nodes.

So Then, What Nodes Are Good Nodes?

This is a very complex question that requires numerous different types of criteria. The idea for this section will be to continue to build on my massive collection of data, in order to best determine which nodes will be best for each specific player.

What Do I Need To Consider When Spending My Contribution?

The most important points to consider are as followed:

  • Do I need to connect extra nodes in order to make the node in question usable?
  • Does the secondary/tertiary resource have any added value to me?
  • Do I have the correct workers to run this node efficiently?
  • What is the closest worker I can use for this node and is his lodging efficient?
  • The products I gain, will they sell on the market? And if they do, do they have a higher value than what is listed?
  • If the products will not sell on the market, do I have a use for them so they do not endlessly stack up?
Do I Need To Connect Extra Nodes In Order To Make The Node In Question Usable?

A lot of a nodes value will come from if it costs you minimal cp, so if there is a node that seems like it has a high profit, you need to ask youself, do I need to spent a lot of cp getting to it? This often is the case and that cp could be relocated to easier to reach nodes that will make you more money overall.

Does The Secondary/Tertiary Resource Have Any Added Value To Me?

Note: Unfortunatly for now, I do not have information on the average yields of node’s secondary/tertiary, collecting the average yield of the primary nearly burned me out. This make be something I work on in the future if there is a demand for it.

A lot of secondary/tertiary nodes are extremly hard to sell, when compared to their primary counterparts. Sometimes the best use for them is using them in crafting items that do sell. So when you are considering a node, do you have a plan to sell/use the secondary? Because you may end up with an endless supply. On this topic, some primary node yields are so valuable that it is absolutely worth it to pick them up, even if you have no use for the other materials collected.

Do I Have The Correct Workers To Run This Node Efficiently?

Some of the nodes in this game have extremely high values if you have the correct workers. Nodes with 150 workloads, for example, can nearly be doubled in daily yield if you use the correct worker. This may seem great but if you are unable to refresh your goblin’s stamina, then in the end the node may produce even less than it would if you used a slower worker. Deciding worker management is crucial to the sucess of a node empire.

To understand which worker to use, look at my worker section to learn more about it.

What Is The Closest Worker I Can Use For This Node And Is His Lodging Efficient?

Some guides have suggested you should keep all your workers in one hub, to make it easier for you to process/manage the materials. This is absolutely awful advice, the amount of time it will take you to most the materials once you get set up is completly incomparable to the lost yields from your worker’s time being eaten up from distance.

There are times when you would want to use further away workers, mostly if you cannot use the closest towns due to lodging/cp constraints. But your plan should always be to minimize this. If the lodging is going to cost you so much that you could get numerous workers in a further away town for the same cp, then you need to determine who in the end will produce more. If you want to know more about how much time distance adds to your worker’s cycle time. Look at my worker section for an explanation.

The Products I Gain, Will They Sell On The Market? And If They Do, Do They Have A Higher Value Than What Is Listed?

Why are you getting this node? Does the primary resource sell immediately? Or do you have a plan to turn it into a higher value item? There is no way you can manage processing all of your resources once you reach a certain cp, so you need to decide which to process and which to sell.

If The Products Will Not Sell On The Market, Do I Have A Use For Them So They Do Not Endlessly Stack Up?

For most primaries, this is no longer an issue due to crate spammers. But some materials will not sell, so if you don’t have a plan for them, you need to reconsider that node.

Lets Take A Look At The Numbers Behind Node Primary Yields.

Note: This has been a massive project I have been working on for the past few months, it is still incomplete so bear with me while I finish it, and work out the finer details. Do not follow this as a golden guide, it still has a lot of work that needs to be done.

This chart is editable, you can save a copy for yourself and build your own efficient network!

Here is the link if you want to save yourself a copy:

Current Issues:

  • A few valencia city nodes are incomplete
  • Potentially add secondary/tertiary yields (would require me to do an entire new 2 month project)
What Is A Region Modifier?

A region modifier changes the workload of a node. It’s modifier is 1 to 2. This is multiplied onto the base workload which can be seen under the section workers and workload. The current hypothesis is that the region modifier changes based on how many people are using a node (this is seen by the fact that the less desirable nodes are all at minimum and the popular nodes are at maximum). Is this how it works for sure? Maybe, I won’t be able to tell until I’m presented with strong evidence. But for now we do know that the workload changes based off the region modifiers seen in game. If you to territory resource information on your map, you can see the region modifiers (they are the green bars). All you need to do is plug the current green bar number into your editable node chart and you can see what the current workload is! Follow the maps below to know which nodes go to which green bars.