Raising CP


I Want Cp And I Want It Now!

Quests take a lot of active work, if you like questing then go for it.. but the only real way to raise cp quick is cooking.

What Do I Need To Consider Before Cooking For Cp?

  • Spamming cooking for cp isn’t going to give you a lot of silver, and depending on what method you use, it may lose you silver.
  • You are going to need to invest some rl money and silver in order to get a reasonable setup going.

  • You can reach 1.1 second cooking fairly easily, but if these items are out of your reach, you can still raise cp with slower cooking speeds.

    • 10s base cook time.
    • +3 cooking clothes (-4s cook time).
    • Canape clothing set (-2s cook time).
    • Sharp alchemy stone of life (-1.4s cook time).
    • Advanced cooking utensil (-1s cook time).
    • Teff sandwich (-0.5s cook time).

  • You are going to need to spend your energy gathering rough stones and logs in order to make cooking tables.

  • You should make sure you have all the cereal nodes available, here’s a list of all the cereal locations.

    • Corn-Toscani Farm
    • Corn-Toscani Farm
    • Potato-Finto Farm
    • Potato-Loggia Farm
    • Potato Bartali Farm
    • Wheat-Moretti Plantation
    • Wheat-Costa Farm
    • Wheat-Northern Wheat Plantation
    • Barley- Northern Wheat Plantation
    • Sweet Potato-Shuri Farm (gives blue and greens as well)
    • Farming cereals with fences if you are still short on cereals.

What Are My Options?

You can really spam anything you have the materials for, but the most common two methods are spamming essence of liquor and beer.

Let’s take a look at each method…

Essence of liquor:


  • Flour (aquired from grinding cereals)
  • Fruit (aquired from gathering, grape node or purchasing strawberries for 700 silver from Milano Belucci)
  • Leavening agent (purchased from a town’s cooking npc)


  • This method uses 225 the amount of cereal as beer. Cereal is a bottleneck when spamming cooking


  • You end up with a product that is lower value than the materials used to make it. The products it is used in are gated by other materials. The one exception is Honey Wine.
  • You have to process your cereal into flour, which uses up your afk time. Or snipe flour on the marketplace.
  • Your profit per combine will be: (-(flour+fruit+leavening agent)+2.5*(essence of liquor))=(-(550+700+20)+2.5*(0))= -1270.



  • 5 cereals (aquired from cereal nodes)
  • 6 mineral waters (purchased from a town’s cooking npc)
  • 2 leavening agents (purchased from a town’s cooking npc)
  • 1 sugar (purchased from a town’s cooking npc)


  • This method gives you a product that is extremely useful. Something that feeds your workers.
  • Selling beer in general a bad idea, you’ll eventually use it all so why not keep it. So for the pricing on beer I will be using market prices. Your profit per combine will be: (-(5 cereal + 6 mineral water + 2 leavening agent + sugar)+2.5(beer)+0.33(cool draft beer))=(-(1870+180+40+20)+2.5*(1300)+0.33(1619)= 1674.27.


  • This method uses 12.5 times as much cereal as essence of liquor

What Does Each Combine Yield?

The item we are after in cp cooking is a cooking side item called “dish with poorly prepared ingredients”. Each combine is going to produce about 0.18 of these side items.

Here is a list of how many of these side items you will need per level of cp. Unfortunately the author of this list is unknown to me so I cannot give credit. It’s also worth noting that this chart is fairly outdated, so the cp numbers are slightly incorrect, just use it as an estimate, not an exact.

What Should I Take Away From This?

  • You need to decide if you want to raise cp fast and take the silver hit or produce an item that is valuable but raise cp at a lower rate.
  • This method is easy, but requires some effort to prepare.
  • My personal choice would be to buy flour on the market and use it to make essence of liquor, any cereals I gather I would use to make beer.