Catsensual's Imperial Crafting Guide


Imperial Cooking & Alchemy

If you are looking for what is most profitable to be making, please refer to the rest of Balzor’s website. If you are looking for recipes, please refer to

Imperial Cooking and Alchemy basically work identically to one another, so when I talk about one, it should apply to the other. In the cities, Calpheon, Olvia, Heidel, Altinova and Valencia, there is an Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC that will take Cooking / Alchemy boxes that you have crafted from using Cooking / Alchemy.

Press L to open up the processing menu and at the bottom right there will be Imperial Cooking and Alchemy:


The boxes will ALWAYS sell at 250%, and there is always a restriction on how many you can sell per day:

NOTE: There is no distance bonus so you are okay to make these boxes in the same city as you are turning them in.

-You may only craft imperial boxes of your tier and below. (i.e if you are Artisan in Cooking, you may only craft Artisan tier imperial boxes and lower).

-There is a daily limit of how many boxes you can sell every day, this is determined by your maximum contribution points. It works out to be (Max CP / 2) (i.e. at 200 CP you can sell 100 boxes a day).

-For each imperial box, each Trader will only take 30 +7/-7 (i.e. maximum of 37 or a minimum of 23). This number is shared between players for that Trader on that channel, so if someone sold the same items before you got to that Trader and depleted the quantities, you then have 3 options.

-Wait 3h for the NPC to reset that particular item’s stock -Swap to a different channel -Go to a different NPC in the same channel NOTE: If you are struggling to locate an Imperial Crafting Delivery NPC, at the top right of your screen, click NPC and type in the names according to which city you are in.

Olvia – Lotz Pavarotti

Heidel – Pasvinder

Calphein – Bech

Altinova – Liff

Valencia City – Shandi Yut