Let Me Just Toss Together Some Elixirs of Detection, Their Profits Look Great!

Alchemy can be profitable, but you need to realize it’s not just as easy as spamming a high value item.

What Do I Need To Consider Before Doing Alchemy?

  • Some materials for alchemy are sold out on the market.
  • Some recipies take a lot of prep work, and this prep work needs to be factored into your “silver per hour”.
  • You arn’t the only one who thought about alchemy! Unlike imperial alchemy, selling certain items can take hours/days/weeks.
  • Only so many items are sold in a day, if you make too much of one item, listing it all at once isn’t going to make more sell.

Lets use good feed as an example, it’s not an alchemy item but it holds the same principle:

Before we do any math to determine your profit, lets look through the material list for items that would be considered “limiting”

  • 2 Dried White Fish
  • 6 Meat
  • 4 Flour
  • 3 Mineral Water

The meat is our limiting item. This is something that is always sold out on the market and preordering for high prices. There are basically 3 ways you could obtain meat:

  • Gathering
  • Marketplace Sniping
  • Preordering

It’s up to you to determine how much you are willing to preorder the meat for, make sure that goes into your calculation. If you want to use your gathering time for this particular item, just remember this item uses 6 meat. With gathering you are only going to pull maybe 3000 meat a day. So thats limiting you to 500 combines a day.

So now let’s see how much you are going to make with your 500 combines:

  • 2 fish at 1200 per fish = 2400
  • 6 meat at 1973 per meat = 11838
  • 4 flour at 550 per flour = 2200
  • 3 mineral water at 30 per = 90
  • I’ll assume you gathered all your materials yourself so we will use sale cost.
  • Cost per combine is 16528 x 0.845 = 13966

Each good feed combine on average will produce 4 good feeds so your cost per item will be:

  • 139664 = 3492

The sale price on good feed is currently 13327 so your profit per item will be:

  • (13327 x 0.0845) - 3492 = 7769

So with your 500 combines you’d make 2000 good feed at 7769 profit each which would make you about 15.5 mil.

This is a pretty decent amount of money, but remember it’s not just pure profit, you spent your gathered material on this, so you cannot use your gathered material on anything else. Good feed has a limited demand, so if a lot of people think this is good money, the supply will quickly overtake the demand. And likely prices/profits will decrease and sale times will increase.

I am not saying this is good or bad, it’s up to you to decide if this is worth your time.

Consider The Above Example When Looking At The Alchemy Profits Listed Below:

What Should I Take Away From This?

  • Profits are more complicated than just saying “I am making a final product, it’s in and out value is my silver per hour.”
  • It is completly acceptable to use your daily gathering to collect specific items to create high value alchemy items, but you need to ask yourself, “is this the best use of my gatherable material?”
  • You can use farming to gather more rare materials for your alchemy, but again, you need to ask yourself “is this the best use of my farms?”
  • Some items take so much of a gatherable sold out material that you can never consider it as a “silver per hour”.
  • Never take what I or any youtuber/streamer says as the bible. Use us as references and then work out the details for your specific situation. Everyone’s situation is different and you will never succeed by just copying.