Whether You Like It Or Not, You’re Gonna Be Doing It. Accept It Now.

Gathering can be fun and relaxing… but it can also get tedious. Unfortunately it unlocks gated materials which can bring in enormous value to you. It also can bring in a lot of money and so if you want to become a great lifeskiller, it is something you will just need to do.

What Do I Need To Do To Succeed With Gathering?

Going out there and just mindlessly gathering is often the strategy most players follow. Avoid that. Here are some easy guidelines to follow to maximize your gathering time:

  • 1: Always use lucky or magic tools. The data that has been collected has shown lucky and magic tools doubles your drop rate of sharps and hards. Blue steel tools are easy to make and have a 10% chance of being crafted as lucky. So it’s worth it.

  • 2: Think about what the materials you are collecting can go into. Gathering just isn’t about getting sharps and hards. In the future I will break down what % is from sharps/hards and what % is from gatherable materials but for now just understand that they are both a major factor. Look through my other sections and see what profits are able to be made with your gatherable materials and it will soon become clear, they are worth much more than the sale listing.

  • 3: Never sell your gatherable materials. There is a reason they are always sold out on the market. They are worth much more then the market price.

  • 4: Fastest doesn’t mean best. Just because something will burn your energy the quickest, doesn’t mean you’re making the most money for your time. Sure the sharp/hard rate is the same but remember that you are not just gathering for them. Gatherable materials have different “true values”, so decide what balance is the best for you.

Let’s Take A Look At Gathering times:

This chart has been a collection of my timed gathering sessions. This will be expanded in the future.

The next important thing is to look at how often you are getting a sharp and hard while gathering. This particular chart is information collected from the community, not my own. The contributors names are in the chart.

What Can I Take Away From This?

  • There are two important materials you are harvesting for. Sharps/Hards and gated materials. So your job is to find a balance of the two to maximize your true silver per hour.

  • It won’t be as easy as copying a chart, you need to find something that works. If too many people copy a chart, then there will be too many people at that location and your harvests per min will drop.

  • The work it takes to make lucky tools is well worth the effort.