Crate Trading Xp Is Nerfed! Rolling Nerfed! What Do I Do!

Trash crate xp may not be like it used to be, but it’s still an easy way to get m2 trade, with minimal active work.

What Do I Need To Consider Before Levelling Trading Via Trash Crates?

  • This will temporarily take a good chunk of CP.
  • You are limited by your supply of good workers for the job, but the Bravant army will help you out.
  • Distance is the key to getting crate trade xp.

Lets Dive Into The Details…

Trash Crate method

What’s The Highest Xp Route?

The best xp route is going to be something silly like Valencia City to Port Ratt, but let’s be realistic, noone’s gonna do that. The most common route will be Trent to Arehaza. This gives a distance bonus of 112% (vs 150% of Val City to Port Ratt). Good enough.

  • Lodging in Trent is somewhat limited but you can get up to 13 worker slots:
    • +1 Base Lodging.
    • +3 P2W Lodging.
    • +4 Lodging in Trent.
    • +3 Lodging in Longleaf Tree Sentry Post.
    • +2 Lodging in Behr
  • The Bravant army caps out at 6 Bravants so you still have 7 slots available, 2 of these slots can be eliminated because their lodging conflicts with a mineral and a wood workbench that are useful in Trent.
  • Ideally you would want 5 +3 workers to fill those 5 spots left. This is unlikely to happen, so you can just use +0 workers, or just stick with your 6 Bravant army.
  • Your mineral workbenchs will mainly come from Calpheon but there is also one available in Trent and one in Behr. Don’t worry as long as the workers are all from Trent, the crates will stack together and be considered Trent crates.
  • Send your Bravant army to work! The Trent and Behr mineral workshops are valuable because they are so close, a lvl 30 bravant will create 3 trash crates in 5 minutes in Trent, and 20 minutes in Calpheon.
    • From this you can tell that if you have enough +0 Calpheon workers you can beat the Bravant army in straight crate production speed, but I find the Bravant army to make it nice and smooth.
  • Ideally you want to save up 7100 crates per trip (so 71000 ores and 7100 black stone powders). This may seem like a lot but after your Bravants are levelled you’ll be producing about 30 crates an hour, or 720 a day. If you have more +3, +1 or +0 workers involved, it will be even higher.
  • Each horse can carry about 7100 ore crates with the horse overstack trick. The best way to get them to Arehaza is with “Command to Gather” (guild ability) if your guild does not have that, just ride the horse on a non pvpable character all the way to Arehaza. It’s useful to do this on a new character that you can just delete once you’ve stabled the horse in Arehaza.
  • Do not let the horse die, or remote collect it. If either of these things happen, thousands of your crates will be destroyed (this is the reason you move them on a non pvp character).
  • Once your crate horse is stabled and your useless alt is deleted, go back to your main and run to Arehaza. Or wait until you have a few 7100 horses stabled. Make sure you bring the following lifeskill buffs (if available):
    • GMs Blessing 3 (15%)
    • Elixir of Flowing Time (15%)
    • Sute Tea (8%) or Whale Meat Salad (15%)
    • Loyalty Life Xp Scroll (10%)
    • Perfume of Swiftness (20%)
    • Villa Buff (10%)
    • +2 Trader Outfit (15%)
    • P2W Trader Costume (10%)
    • KITTIES (1% per tier per cat)
    • Guild Buff (10%)
  • Buff up and turn em in. Watch your xp fly and gloat in the fact that you didn’t have to spend all that active time rolling!
  • Ideally you want to have your trading in the high professional/artisan before you start spending your crates.


  • If the Bravant army isnt satisfying your need to be master 2 as quick as physically possible, run through Ergo Sphere’s list of all the possible mineral workbenches in the Calpheon area and set up a Calpheon network as well.
  • Your major limiter will be getting t1 ores. You’ll likely have to camp the marketplace to buy them, unless you already have 250k+ sitting around in your warehouses.

The Bravant army

Who is Mr Bravant? - Bravant is a helpful name npc worker who lives in Trent:

  • His inherent is +2 ore packing, which means each time he makes a trash ore crate, he actually makes 3.

  • Bravant has a flaw, he has no end game. Filling up your lodging with Bravants means you arn’t levelling potentially better workers. So if you want to be better off in the long run, Bravants aren’t the way to go. But if you want immediate gains, Bravants are for you.

What Should I Take Away From This?

  • It will likely take some time for you to reach master 2 with this method. The major benefit of it, is not only is it afk time, its worker afk time. So you are free to do whatever else you want.
  • The more cp you invest, the faster it will go. If you are so desperate to get master 2 as fast as humanly possible, you could also couple this with active trading.
  • Master 2 trading is absolutely neccesary to do active fishing and crate trading. Without it, you are losing out on massive amounts of silver.