Imperial Rare Procs

Imperial Cooking Alchemy

Rare Procs! These Must Be Worth Money? Right?

Yes and no, some of these items are valuable, some can be used in other useful items but others are just vendor trash.

Special thanks to Hebilicious for suggesting and helping with this section.

What Do I Need To Consider Before Trying To Readjust My Imperial Crafting Around Selling The Rare Procs?

  • Most of the rare procs for popular imperial crates have no demand, too much supply or both.
  • The running hypothesis is that you will get on average 0.3 rare procs per combine, if your skill level is 11 levels above the level required to begin procing rares.
  • The rare procs have two possibilites. Selling directly on the market and using in other combines.

How Much Are These Rare Procs Worth?

Before we dive into the realities behind rare proc items, lets look at the theoretical values these items bring to an imperial box.

What Else Has To Be Considered With These Values?

  • The most important one is that some of these blue items just arn’t sellable, and they almost always correspond with the imperial crates most people like to do daily.
  • Below is a chart adding these values to the imperial crafting short charts. You can see how the profits increase. The green highlighted bars are the ones I feel are able to be sold. If you have a method of selling one of the non green bars, feel free to share!

What Should I Take Away From This Chart?

  • Crafted rare procs adds another level of thinking onto your daily imperial crafting delivery.
  • Be careful when considering switching to another box based solely on its rare proc. Make sure you are able to sell/use the rare proc somehow.
  • This is an interesting topic to consider but generally does not change the most common valuable imperial boxes.