Investment Banks

Investment Banks! This couldn’t possibly cost me much irl right?

Certain investment banks can pull you in a lot of passive income, but beware, everything comes at a price.

What Do I Need To Consider Before Investing in Investment Banks?

  • Most Invesment Banks are not worth your time, they pull in such low values that its just not worth the cp invested.
  • There are currently 4 investment banks that can pull in large sums of money. They are:
  • Gulabi Investment Bank (Altinova 42 mil/month)
  • Godul Lateman Investment Bank (Sand Grain Bazaar 125 mil/month)
  • Valgon Investment Bank (Shakatu 125 mil/month)
  • Zahad Investment Bank (Valencia City 125 mil/month)

You can see the results of the Zahad Investment Bank here:

These 4 banks are all “High-Risk” investment banks, meaning you can lose money. But on average they are pulling in about +125mil a month per bank.

The issue arises in the fact that in order to use these banks, you need a rank one house. The house spaces are very limited in these cities (with the exception of Valencia City). So in order to aquire a rank one house, you need to outbuy (pearl store furniture) the current rank 1 house. You may say “Oh that’s not so bad, I want my free 125mil a month so I’ll throw a bit of money in and be done with it.” Well every single current rank 1 house is literally completely covered with pearl store items. There is not a single space on any of the floors to place anything new. Here’s where the most frusterating part comes in. Pearl Abyss releases new furniture quite often. These pieces of furniture often have better geometry than the previous furniture. So that 300 dollars you spent to get a rank one house… well that is all in the old furniture and now anyone who buys 301 dollars worth of the new furniture will be able to take your house and you can never win it back and you are out 300 dollars.

So basically if you want to use these banks, be prepared to continually open your wallet.

Below is a rough estimate of the cost you are looking to have to pay for the most highly contested housing in Black Desert:


  • These are rough estimates. A lot of these houses have numerous types of p2w items. I chose the must abundant one in each house.
  • Some of these items are seasonally/temporarily available on the cash shop (Cherry Blossom Partition). So you will not be able to buy them currently.
  • Most of the players who currently hold the houses are aggressive with people trying to userp their territory. Numerous times they have completely bought new furniture sets to secure the houses, so the USDs listed are likely multiplied numerous times.
  • Join at your own risk! Holding these houses gets expensive fast, something I learned the hard way before tapping out.
  • I am currently collecting data on one of these investment banks to provide more detail. The results will be added in the future.