Workshops, The Passive, Semi Active And Active Money Maker.

Workshops can be a great source of revenue, but like everything in bdo, if you do it poorly you can end up losing money.

What Do I Need To Consider Before Setting Up Workshops?

  • As much as you want to think workshops are an afk task, they are not. They require a tremendous amount of work to be run efficiently.
  • Workshop items are often highly contested, being stubborn and sticking with an overproduced item will not help you.

Lets Take A Look At Some Common Item’s Profits:

Important Notes On The Epheria Sailboat:

  • The profit listed is not realistic at all. You have to consider the enormous loss of cp/workers time that you will have invested into boat. You are going to be using up 3220 units of worker’s time. So you need to put a value on that and then subtract it from your profit.
  • You are going to have to spend a decent amount of active time to collect 20 sailboat designs, so you need to put a value on that.
  • You are going to have to either preoder standardized timber squares for significantly more than what is listed, spend a lot of active time harvesting logs, or a lot of time camping the market for non preordered timber squares. So you need to put a value on this time as well.
  • I personally do not think all this added effort is worth the time, but everything is up to you.

This is the master chart with all the individual items:


  • Min/Max values have all been adjusted according to marketplace tax.
  • The min price of items for the most part is currently not capped. If too many people start mass producing items and leaving them sitting on the market without them selling, then these chart’s profits will dive lower. You can see this happening with the Yuria Blade.
  • The value of the materials is assuming you collected the materials yourself, and thus their value is subject to the marketplace tax. If you had to buy the items from the market to support your workshops, then your profits will be lower.

What Should I Take Away From These Charts?

  • Some of these items require difficult materials to obtain (things that require saps/pure crystals) and if you are barely turning a profit from them, they are not worth your time.
  • All of these items require processing time on your end. If you are barley making money off of your workshop items then your afk lifeskill time could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Workshops may seem like a passive income but they are not, you need to manage your workshops well, and your marketplace, otherwise you will be losing out on all of your profits.
  • Never min price items-not only does this kill your profits, but as you continue doing it and more items build up, the min price lowers even further, tossing you into the abyss.
  • If something is overproduced and selling for min, just stop. Find a new item to produce, swap your efforts and hold onto your previous items until the price recovers.
  • Diversify, there are a lot of different items to make, they all sell so why take the lazy road and just spam produce 1.
  • Consider the value of the time you put into preparing the materials for workshops. Those items do not just magically appear, you or your workers had to gather them, you had to process them and you had to transport them.